Friday, September 23, 2011

this is big.

I am proud to say..

I am officially the owner..


yes world, it only took me a few years to catch onto the trend.

lies - I knew the trend. I liked the trend. but I didn't like my legs. but I decided not to care anymore! and now I'm wearing skinny jeans. right now. and my thighs are diggin' it. word. (but my tummy isn't as I'm trying to stretch them out.. heeehee...)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

we like to beautify.

once upon a time... our apartment was beautiful.

and then we were forced to paint it back and never paint it pretty again.


so we FOUGHT BACK with our amazing creative intellect!

................. but really sadie and I were just desperate for some prettiness ................

and it resulted in our oh so pleasing plan B:

we love it. :) :) :)

we got the shelf, the candle holders, and all of the frames from my aunt amy! we just painted them bright happy colors. the owl is from a thrift store in alabama. audrey was sadie's, and the fabric square and mirror (and lamp!) are from our wonderful friend taren's yard sale. of course we still have to fill the frames.. and we're going to give audrey a little face lift. and we've since put gorgeous bright purple candles in the candle holders. yep. we're happy pappies.

to see more of the process, check out sadie's post!

so friends, the moral of the story is.... DON'T GIVE UP! there are always ways to beautify even if you have to follow poopy rules. <3

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