Friday, May 28, 2010

say what?

Note: The following post will tell you more about me than I ever could!

So, a few hours after I wrote the previous post, my dad drove me downtown to look at cameras! Yippee! You can imagine my excitement.Well, long story short, I left the store pretty much wanting a Nikon.

You may laugh at me now.
Basically, the saleswoman was a Nikon lover herself, and was able to tell me the benefits of the comparable Nikon camera over the Canon. Because of those specific benefits and the cheaper price, I was swayed towards the Nikon. Plus, I instantly liked the way the Nikon felt in my hands more than the Canon, which is moy importante. That was pretty much the only reason we even went to Best Buy - so I could hold them!

So, there you have it. As of now, I'm probably getting this beauty:

The Nikon D5000!
Whatever I end up getting... hopefully it will be in my hands SOON! I just want to take pictures!
P.S. Do any of you guys watch Wife Swap? It's insane! My parents and I just watched a particularly interesting episode. It definitely makes you grateful for your own family!


Now, I know that

(giggle giggle. Do you like my use of a cute jpeg? I'll pretty much take advantage of a cute picture whenever possible.)

In this case...

happiness costs roughly $700. Ouch.

However, I've been nannying for a few weeks now, making some sweet moola which has never before happened in my life, and am so excited to be, within the next few days, making one of the happiest purchases of my life.

Behold... the object of my affection, the thing I dream about at night, and google over all day:

The Canon Rebel t1i.

*THIS JUST IN* I was flipping channels and Never Been Kissed is on!!! There is nothing better than one of your favorite movies being on when you least expect it. sigh. Okay, sorry, back to business.

Now, I know that I'm not an expert on dSLRs or anything, but with the research that I've done, this seems to be a pretty sweet camera. It was hard for me to decide between a Nikon and a Canon, but I just went with my gut, which for some reason liked Canon. Probably because I've just always pictured myself with a Canon. Plus Canon cameras can use any lenses, not just Canon lenses, whereas Nikon cameras can't use Canon lenses. Not that Nikons are bad at all. Goodness, the truth is I really don't care. How bad can it get, choosing one over the other? I've been using a Kodak Easyshare which is about as sad as it gets with point and shoot cameras... so any dSLR is going to make me explode with happiness!!

So, as I mentioned before, happiness IS free... but in this case it costs a wee bit more. ;) A price I am willing to pay!

P.S. For serious, if you've never seen Never Been Kissed... get on that. Like now! Your happiness meter will go up a few notches for sure. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

and so it begins.

Well... I’ve wanted to start a blog for about a year now – basically ever since freaky coincidences started taking over my life and were seriously occurring every day and I wanted to publish them so people would believe me and I could console in others and therefore not feel quite so insane *huge intake of breath* BUT... that is another topic for another day!

Aside from proving to the world that my life is freakishly filled with an oddly large number of kooinkeedinks (I know this must sound so strange, but it is true!), I wanted to have my own blog so that I could write down my thoughts (hold onto your seatbelts, this girl thinks way too much), share crafty things that I do (a tried and true Molly Mormon), and post pictures I take, for, I am indeed an aspiring photographer who at this point in time doesn’t have a clue but only an eye.

There were also a few girls who were my motivation. Kamala, my crazy BFF, has been shamelessly persuading me to start a blog for a while now (love ya Kam!). Sadie, my cute crafty amazingly kind BYU buddie and future apt. mate!, took a softer approach, but nonetheless was another effective and constant persuader. Then there’s my freshman hallmate Jordan, who, although she probably only said it twice, told me I should blog and that she would read it. Not to mention my other friends with awesome blogs like Taren (I will for sure advertise the flan at a later time), as well as practically every amazing member of my extended family. All this info is more than likely boring you, so I will stop indulging myself. However I do want to warn you all now – I am long-winded. I never know that I am until I type something. And look back at it. And realize that I have paragraphs. Big ones. And lots of them. Hopefully it doesn’t scare you away too much.

All in all, the main reason I want to blog is to write down my thoughts. There’s so many random things I think about all day long that I just want to share with people, and see if they think the same things! The blog is titled All Things Jennie Rae because it encompasses everything I could ever want to blog about, while keeping it all in one simple blog. Wahoo! Let the blogging addiction… begin. And welcome to a closer look at my life. :)

(I deemed it only necessary to include this picture in this post, seeing as how it is a perfect reflection of me: Thinking. Particularly about things I love. Like Nutella.)
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