Friday, July 15, 2011

mi amor.

you know when you buy something that you just LOVE?

for me, it is this shirt. so comfy. modest. ties at the waist (favorite thing of any article of clothing).

this is going to sound out-of-this-world cheesy, but my life kind of changed when I realized I was allowed to buy cute clothes. I just always thought I wasn't cute enough to buy cute clothes, or something. I'd see someone wearing something awesome and totally acknowledge its awesomeness but never ever think I could wear it, cuz of course I couldn't! why? I don't know, ha!

teenagers are silly. :) but this shirt isn't. <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I hope I never lose hope.

I never had a problem being hopeful before. In fact I've always been a super optimistic and hopeful person - just always knew things would work out.

But lately fear has taken over me and I hope less and less. I'm scared about my future and what I'll do with it and who I'll spend it with. It's ridiculous and I keep reminding myself that I'm only 20. 20!! But lately all I ever do is worry. Thoughts of being alone or unsuccessful fill my mind constantly. It's becoming too much and I don't like it. It is uberliciously lame.

I definitely need to be studying my scriptures right now instead of being awake at 2:30 for no reason, that's what.

Sigh. Don't blog when you're emotional. ;) Or in the middle of the night for that matter. Every emotion you have is like quadrupled once the sun has gone down. (Why the flip is that so? Honestly. It's so annoying for people like me who feel something and then run with it! You end up making very silly decisions that you regret when the sun rises!) Silly nighttime.

Okay. Going to go to bed for a very short time until I wake up and regret this post. ;)

Gah, I should write a whole nother post on not regretting so much. Seriously Jennie, who cares?!

Okay. The mental lady is leaving the room now. Love, peace, and chicken grease.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

what is soooooooooo hard

about going to bed???

it never ceases to amaze me. I crave sleep all day and then when I can have it I don't want it.

*falls to knees and shakes fist at the sky*


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I shouldn't blog when I'm emotional.

I shouldn't blog when I'm emotional.

I shouldn't blog when I'm emotional.

I'll be non-emotional in 5 minutes and will therefore regret blogging when I was emotional.

Jennie, do not blog when you are emotional.

even if you don't know what emotion you're feeling.

get in the shower.

go to class.

you're going to be fine.

you'll regret this silly post later.

I shouldn't blog when I'm emotional.

why does it feel good to blog when you're emotional?

I'm getting in the shower!!

(regret is already setting in.)

please tell me you're as mental as I am.
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