Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pondering in the Periodicals

I'm sitting in the periodicals right now (a certain section of the BYU library) where I've studied a bajillion times before. And I'm realizing that this is one of the last times I'll ever study in here... Maybe even the last. It's crazy! /: And I just wanted to write down and remember that I love it here, and that there really is such a special spirit here at BYU. In this huge room of hundreds of students are so many amazing people. Sometimes it's truly overwhelming being surrounded by SO MANY amazing people, but sometimes it's the best feeling in the world. If anything has ever been a testament to me of the truthfulness of my faith, it's the amazing, well-rounded, Christ like people it produces. Seriously, that's what it always comes down to for me. You just can't fake something like that. I'll miss you BYU. ♥

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What it all comes down to.

Okay. This has got to be quick because I'm supposed to be writing 2 essays that are due in 3 hours... bah!

But just now, as I was checking my e-mail, I was reminded of something. I was cleaning out my spam folder when I came across three different but very similar e-mails that I'm sure you've all received. The person begins by introducing him or herself and his or her family, then delves into this financial plight they are in, and then finally asks if you will send your personal information and money to help them out. First of all, HA!!! Seriously? Who on earth falls for this? Okay, second. I can't help but KNOW that the root of all good or evil is in the family. This person writing these deceitful lies probably had uninvolved or authoritarian parents. There was probably a serious issue with distance regulation. Way too much or too little enmeshment. Had positive family rituals been present, any tendency to lie would have been detected early, or more likely avoided altogether. Any inevitable difficulties during the teen years could have been handled by parent and child working together in a relationship of trust and understanding. Sure, teen angst will always exist, and I'm the poster-child of it, but teen angst is way less likely to lead to crime or misconduct if teens have parents as a secure base who continually influence the child in positive ways and are there for them. It just all comes down to the parents and how they raise their children. It's INSANE to me that some people in this world think that parents don't matter - that children just grow up the way they were born to. No, no, nooooo!! Parents make the biggest difference in the universe! If you don't believe me, just watch this (which is unfortunately only a preview and doesn't even begin to get into the horrors), and then read even one research article on parenting practices. Fortunately, not many people believe that parents don't matter, but if any one believes that, that's one too many.

Anyway, I really need to get back to my essays!! But I just had to say this. And I could expound so much more. But basically, if people cared more about the family and strengthening it, the problems in this world of crime, violence, substance use, immorality, sex trafficking, and general dishonesty would DIS. A. PPEAR. Parents matter. Families matter. The way you raise your children matters. How you raise your children is a huge part of determining who they will be. Yes, biology has a strong influence and so does agency, but never forget that your influence as a parent is just as strong, if not stronger. And of course, children who aren't raised well by their parents can still become transitional characters and make changes in their lives, but how parents parent will always make a difference.

The moral of the story is... every time I wonder if my major is legit, I'm reminded that the family really is the root of all the good or evil in this world, and I know that I'm doing something important that matters and will make a difference.

So GO BE AN AWESOME PARENT!! Just love 'em, for crying out loud! (But don't forget appropriate restrictions... or else you're just being permissive, which is the 3rd evil after uninvolved and authoritarian. ;))

The end.
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