Saturday, August 27, 2011

let's love ourselves, shall we?

a few months ago I got a card in the mail. it was a thank you note from my friend for having gone to her bridal shower. I noticed that there wasn't a return address - only my name and address written in the center of the envelope. I found myself quickly admiring the handwriting of the person who wrote my name and address down. it seemed so perfectly imperfect - some letters curvy, some straighter, all flowing together beautifully in an almost-cursive-but-not-quite way. I was so in love with this handwriting and was envious of the girl who had it, and was wondering who it belonged to!

and then, remembering that we wrote our own names and addresses down on envelopes at the bridal shower, I realized it was my handwriting.

and I immediately saw flaws.

suddenly the perfectly imperfect handwriting was just imperfect. my eye was led to all the spots where the pen didn't flow perfectly smoothly or where my letters connected in a weird way. it was so crazy how many flaws I noticed the second I realized it belonged to me.

why do I do this? It's so sad, but so true, and so ME. I see so much good in other people and would never pick out their tiny tiny TINIEST of flaws, but I do it all the time to myself. it's just insane how much of a lesson that little envelope taught me. we need to give ourselves more credit! we need to treat ourselves as good as we treat others! stop making fun of yourself, stop criticizing yourself, stop seeing your flaws. you are AWESOME and you deserve to feel good about it!! if you're willing to give others a chance or the benefit of the doubt - try giving it to yourself for once.

this is you, standing tall and being awesome in the midst of other awesome people! YEAH!

(...ever since I took this picture I've wanted to use it for some motivational self-esteem/self-worth talk haha. ;))

Thursday, August 25, 2011


if you had a crappy evening of any sort... please refer to this blogpost and be happy forever.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I don't mean to brag....

but I am surriously gifted when it comes to detecting the onset of mother nature and stopping her dead in her tracks before she can do any damage.

I hope my fellow ladies know what I'm talking about.

I hope my guy friends.. welll... just don't read my blog. hahaha.

but really! after 8 years of this stuff, you start to become a pro at knowing when it's gunna hit ya. sure, you have a few days of PSYCHOTIC mood swings to let you know it's on its way, but you know you're good when you can tell EXACTLY when you need to get off your tucus and head for that porcelain throne before your undies become the shade of the red sea.

wait - what's that sound? my blog followers running for their lives in the opposite direction?


Friday, August 19, 2011

dear 40-something bachelors of utah,

if you ever stand someone up on a date,
then in my opinion you do NOT deserve the right to complain about being single. ever.

there are dozens of amazing single women out there who just like you are waiting to find their special someone. how about you get off your high horse, learn some humility (and some manners for that matter), and start acting like someone your age and not a 12 year old.

I'm so sick of seeing someone I love get hurt. it's happened enough times that I'm convinced the 30-40 year old bachelors in utah are diseased. honestly...

GROW UP!!!!!!

sorry. just so ticked right now. >.<

Thursday, August 18, 2011

my future daughter.

my brother's girlfriend sent me this picture today, saying this is what she thinks my future daughter will look like:

and the freaky part is, I couldn't agree more!!!

I'm in love with her already.

weird? maybe.

awesome? definitely.

the straight eyebrows, the squinty eyes, the downward pointing nose! it's all there.

aren't you so happy you can all rest assured now that my offspring will be utterly adorable? 
I sure am. :)

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