Sunday, February 27, 2011

random pictures of apartment 98

I decided that I don't pull out my camera enough. so one day I went around the apartment taking pictures of random things.

this is actually a thing to put hot pots on (what's that gadget called again?) but I decided it was so cute it must be DISPLAYED! oh, and it was totally 25 cents and from the thrift store. BOOM BABY.

we decided as an apartment that we wanted to help each other accomplish our goals... so I made cutesie goal charts for each of us and they're hanging in our kitchen! I don't know about you, but something seriously becomes 5,000 times easier for me to do if it's CUTE! which is why I'm considering investing in or making a really cute piggy bank...

 yep. we do! ashley and I split 32 stinkin bucks just to have our recyclables picked up this semester! hooray for saving the world one cardboard box at a time!

this is the bouquet ashley got from someone the night she opened her mission call to ROMANIA. :)

daisies are my favorite. <3

this poster makes me miss sadie. (she's doing a study abroad in jerusalem... jealouuuss!)

this was some other night, but I thought it looked so cool, like a lantern or something, so I had to take a pic!
 it's just our kitchen window.

welp. that's it. :)

on aother note.. today is sunday. and that means today basically ROCKED. I hope it rocked for you too. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

today I purchased perfection.

that is right folks.

remember how much I love to eat green apples with peanut butter? (like this time.)

well lately... I've been doing it, like, all the time.

and it's been great. and delicious. but let's be real. cutting an apple can be tedious work.

(okaaay so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration... but I'm sure you feel me when I say that it can be quite annoying and takes longer than eating the apple itself.)

so today. I buckled down. relinquished 9 bucks. and purchased the best gadget EVER! the illustrious...


*super hero theme music plays*

I know, its gloriousness is probably blinding. just put some shades on and you'll be okay.

it's basically the best thing to ever happen to me. or at least the 64th best thing to ever happen to me. same thing.

today was good in other ways as well. like the awesome valentine's day care package my mom sent me!! (a little late.. yes.. but that is how our family rolls.)

well. back to work. today is a get-stuff-done day for sure. but I can get through it with my valentine's day candy and my fruit slicer! I suggest you purchase one of these babies as well and experience its magical mood elevating powers!

until next time....

*fruit slicer super hero theme music plays. again.*

Friday, February 25, 2011

comfort zones.

what would it be like if I actually told the people who annoy me that they annoy me? I know I could never do that. but I wonder what it would be like.

but then again, maybe I could do that. maybe I should do that. I don't believe in lying, after all.

not really sure where that came from.

no, that was a lie. I know where that came from. I need to be more genuine.

so anyway. last night I volunteered with some other students in the school of family life to spend some time visiting the patients at a dementia unit here in provo. I had been craving any kind of service opportunity so when I heard about this I signed up immediately. it was fun but also really out of my comfort zone at first. I mean, these people were essentially crazy. one woman spoke to me in german for about 10 minutes while I just smiled and nodded my head. another started out by asking me a question and then went off singing a riddle/tune thing. a sweet old man told me he forgot who he was when I asked him what his name was. I then told him my name and he told me he was Grant. another old woman, when I asked her what her name was, started babbling to me... quite literally like this, "da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da..." it was so hard because I didn't know what to do. /: you can only smile/nod so much. I just waited until she was done doing her thing and I just had to smile and turn away. it's so scary what happens to us when we're old. it makes me terrified of growing older. there was this awesome woman there, her name was jo babb. short for josephine. she seemed totally normal so I have no idea why she was in that place rather than a normal nursing home. but as she was talking to a few of us, she pointed to her bedroom door, and right outside was a picture of her and her husband. It looked like it was taken in the 50s. she was so beautiful and young and they were such a cute couple. the woman in front of me looked 93 and her skin had completely formed around her eye sockets. but she had cute slippers, a cute blanket, and a cute ring. :) it's scary though. I don't want to grow old. I especially don't want to go crazy. but it also makes me so grateful for how comparatively normal my grandma was when she passed away. overall, it was a fun time. the people I went with were awesome and we had lots of good laughs. we even sang "once there was a snowman" and "popcorn popping" for them. :) I'm grateful I was able to spend time with them and brighten some of their days.

being a photographer is another thing that has forced me to get out of my comfort zone.

I'm a shy person at first. my best friends will tell you I'm crazy and goofy but at first I can be really shy, which comes off as snobbish a lot of the time (cannot tell you how many people told me they thought I was a snob before they got to know me.) I'm a very chill person who just likes to hang out with people in pajamas while eating food. I love to go places and people watch. I love going to parties where I get to benefit from the atmosphere but don't have to contribute. as a photographer, however, I have to immediately put on my social face no matter what mood I'm in. I have to be outgoing, not socially awkward (my friends. this is a task for me.), and professional but also down to earth. it's hard having to just turn on that button. but it's been good too.

like today for instance. I was driving around looking for an old barn to take engagement pictures at. I drove by a perfect location, so I got out of my car, walked right up to the farmer who was feeding his cows, introduced myself as a photographer, and asked if I could take pictures at his barn next week. he just smiled at me the whole time and proceeded to ask a few more questions. I answered and eventually he said I could. and then I reached out my hand to shake his and thanked him. and I felt like weirdly adultly cool for 2 seconds. but then I got back in my car and jammed to music and felt 13 again. sweet.

sometimes I wonder if I'll be strong enough to really take my photography to the next level. I'm such a chill and relax person that it becomes a fault. I get behind on editing and don't practice as much as I need to because I'm too much of an optimist and think everything will be okay. or I think I have plenty of time. I'm only 20. I have so much time to get better. but how awesome would it be to take advantage of this time now and be so great when I'm 24? ONLY 24? I need to work harder.

but sometimes, I really do just want to sit and think and stare at the mountains and eat ice cream. or cereal. cereal's super good. I had 2 bowls today. frosted mini spooners. I get mad when there are pieces that aren't frosted..

I hate when people get "your" and "you're" mixed up. and lately I've been doing it all the time. I think it's karma for being judgmental.

crap I have so much coming up this week...

as always, I love byu. love it so much. my professors are incredible. I'm learning so much. I'm becoming a better person each day. I'm also being so humbled each day. my life is so blessed. and other people rock.

kari & I watched the prince and me tonight. so cute. I really hope I get married.

the only thing that can motivate me to get done the things I need to get done is to think of my Heavenly Father and wanting to please Him. so, here I go. to study and then to bed. tomorrow will be productive if it kills me.

if you read all this, you deserve a medal. seriously. or at least a bowl of frosted mini spooners.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I think I'm trying to tell myself something.

so, you know how under every one of my posts, it has 3 links to other posts you might also like from my blog?

I love the fact that every single post has a link to the one titled "PROCRASTINATION."

I think that might be a sign.

p.s. I just posted this and looked at it, and find it hilarious that this is the only post that doesn't have a link to the procrastination one. COINCIDENCE???

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm such a hypocrite.

I check around 10 blogs daily and am depressed when only 2 of them have posted something new.

so, not that I think anyone is depressed when I don't update..., I decided to post something. anything. just to post. because we are all blog addicts. and updates make us feel good.

hm. what to say.

oh, I totally saw my soul sister in the library yesterday. no big deal. she was just sitting at the table next to mine and we were face to face. totally awesome and meant to be. soul sisters are real. even if you don't know their name.

also, kamala, my real soul sister who I know the name of, IS VISITING ME THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I cannot even tell you how excited I am. Kam goes to BYU-Idaho, and lucky for me, her boyfriend goes to BYU. what does this mean my friends? kamala will be driving down friday morning and staying until tuesday afternoon. yes world. that is 5 days together. that is a LOT for kamala & I. and considering she's one of my BEST friends (I don't use that term lightly), I'm ridiculously excited. and I'm also so so so so so excited to meet her boyfriend!! he seems like SUCH a good guy. oh man. this weekend is just going to be magnificent!!

in other news, our TV broke, so we're borrowing our neighbor's. except his TV doesn't come with a remote... so I can't watch HGTV. :( a universal remote is the next thing on my shopping list? ohhhhh you bet.

the weather is incredible today. so incredible. I must enjoy it though because tonight the snow and rain are coming. =(

we like posts with pictures, right? okay cool. I shall post the most random picture I can find on my computer.

.... that was actually perfect, because last night in band my lack of practicing whipped me in the butt. oh, I play the flute. did you know? it is fun. :) but not when you have super high/fast notes to memorize....

I shall explain.

our concert this year is based around John Philip Sousa - he's just awesome. that is all you need to know. so our final song we're playing is Stars and Stripes Forever - his most famous song, also awesome. but there's a part in the song where the piccolos have INSANE NOTES. so high and so fast and so not in the ideal key signature. first of all, I don't even play the piccolo. I need to learn how to this semester. second, we have to memorize this super difficult part of the song because we will be standing in the front of the stage playing it.

here's a clip of almost exactly what we will be doing. I'm glad I found this one because when our band director told us what song we were doing and how we were performing it, the Troy band is exactly what I thought of. They play this at the end of a lot of their concerts. I may have even been in the audience for this one!

yeah. we played this last night, and I BUTCHERED. it. it was basically so embarrassing. even though I'm sure no one noticed. but you know how you feel like everyone's noticing your mistakes and watching you? yeah. it was definitely like that. but it's totally my fault, because I hadn't practiced it at all.

lesson learned.

alright. this is definitely trailing into the "this post is so long I don't even care about reading it anymore" category.

hooray for blogging. :)

I'm now going to enjoy this beautiful day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

test taking strategies.

so my professor gave us a test preparation handout to help us with our upcoming test. he said to pay particular attention to the tips for matching questions and multiple choice questions.

here's the tips for multiple choice questions:

1. Try to answer the question before looking at the answers.
2. Read all the answers and look for the one which best completes the stem.
3. Use the process of elimination.
4. When numbers are in each alternative, choose the numbers that are in the middle range, not the extremes.
5. Choose answers that are longer and more descriptive.
6. When two very similar answers appear it is likely that one of them is correct and the other is a disguise.
7. Choices containing unfamiliar terms are not likely correct.
8. Watch out for negative words in the instructions or in the main question: e.g. Which one does NOT...

now.. did one of those make you pause? do a double take? think a little harder?

"When two very similar answers appear it is likely that one of them is correct and the other is a disguise."

Um. . . duh?

that is obvious, right? am I missing something? only one answer can be right, soo....

just found that to be humorous. hope you enjoyed it as well. back to not-procrastinating A.K.A. studying!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


^^ that is my fed up face. and many other emotions face. but fed up right now.

I'm so sick of the male population being incapable of texting back.

I will seriously know a guy has the potential of being the one when he texts back. that sounds so lame but it is true. it shows he wants to talk to me. wow, so much to ask for in a guy, I know.

It's not even an "I like him and he won't text back" thing. it's simply a "he's a male and whether I like him or not I know he probably isn't going to text back and quite frankly that is super annoying so why should I ever text a guy again?" thing.

but for now, let's DO say it is a guy I like. or could like.

I'm tired of getting shut down by the few guys I actually show interest in. it's really disheartening. why can't there ever be one that likes me back? it seriously seems to never fail. a guy likes me.. I don't like him. well that stinks. I finally meet a guy I like.. of course he doesn't like me back or pursue me. why would I ever think he would?

hmmmph. just want to quit trying sometimes.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

soul sisters.

so I'm kind of a paranoid person. well... when it matters.

like when I'm in the library. and I have to go to the bathroom. I always ask the person sitting closest to me if they'll watch my stuff while I'm gone.

"chillax, jennie! you're at byu! no one would steal your stuff. they'd be more likely to leave you a present than steal your stuff!"

yes, people may be freakishly nice here. but stuff happens. and I can just picture a conversation going like this:

me: uh.... uh... laptop was stolen.
dad: what?? how??
me: well....... I just left it for 5 minutes in the library while I went to the bathroom............
dad: *cricket*
me: yeah I realize now that that was kind of dumb idea.....

few things are more motivating than the thought of possibly disappointing my dad. thus the never-leave-your-precious-items-unattended rule.

so, today, I was in the library, found a table, put my stuff down, and then asked the girl across from me if she'd watch it while I went to the bathroom.

y'know what she said?

with a smile on her face, "I was just about to ask you the same thing!!"

it was in that moment that I knew I had found my soul sister.

okay... sure.. she may have left 10 minutes later.. and I'll probably never see her again...

but we are soul sisters!! okay?

soul-sisterness is not something to doubt. ever. I wish you all luck in your endeavors to find your soul sisters or soul brethren.

and now, back to my 7 page paper. peace.
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