Sunday, May 5, 2013

No one warned me...

...that Sabbaths would be so difficult,

as in... make me miss Jerusalem so much.

Every time someone mentions Christ in church I'm like, "!!!!!!"

It's like I have no memory of us ever talking about him before Jerusalem. He's just this new guy to me, and I love him a lot a lot a lot. And want to keep learning about him so much!!


And every time I see a painting of Christ in Jerusalem or Galilee, I'm like... "!!!!!!!"

Also, I admittedly have to stop myself from being rude and thinking that others can't possibly know about the real him as much as I do. I feel bad for feeling that way, but I do. I just know too many things now that I didn't before.

So from now on, Sabbaths might be a little hard, but for the same reason they'll also be pretty awesome.

Flowers from Capernaum
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