Monday, January 31, 2011

remember that one time we had the greatest idea ever?


so last year (my freshman year) at BYU, there was a night of 4 different preference dances (girl asks guy). each had a different theme and each was going to be really cool! there was a dr. seuss theme, a harry potter theme, a pride & prejudice theme, and a great gatsby theme. my 3 good friends and I decided to be awesome and ask our guys out in the coolest way ever. one of them had the brilliant idea of using a photobooth to do the asking! so all of us (except 1 cuz she couldn't make it) went to the mall and did just that:

(we actually had to make mel's at home cuz she couldn't come to the mall... but it looks real huh?? I don't have the other girls' pics..)

cutest idea ever, right?! but oh no.. it doesn't end there!
then we made an amazing scavenger hunt. we wrote out 4 awesome riddles and printed them and made them super cute. the riddles would lead our guys from the dorms, to pizza hut, to dairy queen, to campus.... where they'd eventually find a bag of candy and our photobooth pictures asking them the ultimate question.

but then.... rochelle suddenly had a funeral in canada to go to.

and really, that wasn't the problem. dude, if you've got a funeral to go to... you've got a funeral to go to! I figured the rest of us girls could still do it. we had put so much effort into this and it was going to be awesome!!

but then....


the other girls backed out.

and it never happened.

yep. that is truly the end of this pitiful story. to this day I am still sad and bitter that we never did it, and I think they might finally be realizing how awesome it could have been.

so that's the story of the most awesome preference-asking-out that never happened. everytime I see that picture show up in my desktop slideshow... my heart aches a little. oh the fun it could have been....

oh, and the photobooth pic in my blog header was from that same night. <3

the end.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

really though,

my ability to embarrass myself is uncanny.

there is kind of nothing worse than that moment where you do something awkward in front of others and feel so stupid and think that everyone in the room probably thinks you're so, so weird.

just happened. like 5 times in a row.

the only thing that comforts me is knowing that when other people do awkward/embarrassing things, I really don't think too much of it. oh how I hope there were people like me in that room just now.

yeah, that's a pretty accurate representation of the size of rock I'd like to crawl under.

to the cadbury creme egg....

I loave you.

yes, loave. it is love but in an awesome accent. because that is how much I love you. I loave you.

the deliciousness you just brought upon my mouth was indescribeable. your milk chocolatey perfection mixed with smooth sweet creme makes my heart skip a beat. I live for you.

if it were anatomically possible, and if we were married, and if you were male, I would make love to you.

thank you for brightening my life with your sweet succulent chocolatey deliciousness.

love always and forever,

p.s. I wouldn't mind if you started coming in this size... just sayin'....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 things that never fail to give me an instant heart attack:

1. slipping on ice

2. driving past a cop

3. realizing I forgot/almost forgot to do something for someone that they're counting on me to do

heart attacks have been prevalent in the last few days, lemme tell ya.

but today is a new day where I DON'T have to walk on campus and fear for my rear and I DON'T have to do anything I told anyone I'd do. I'm going to edit pictures, do homework, and inevitably search for hours for a new coat.

sadly though, the probability of #2 happening is still high. :( darn those cops...
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