Wednesday, March 30, 2011


today when jordan, rochelle, & I were in the car, "kissin' you" by miranda cosgrove (icarly) came on the radio. we talked about how rochelle and I liked the song and jordan didn't. Haha. then we talked more about icarly.

I haven't heard that song in forever. and I never watch icarly. she basically never comes up in my life.

so just now, I was watching american idol... and one of the commercials was from the news. and guess who made a special visit to utah today?


Sunday, March 27, 2011

in case you're curious,

*this* is what I believe.

sundays. <3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

dark hair, blue eyes...

so today I went to kinko's to make transparencies for my ASL project. a super cute boy got there right before I did. he was tall and had dark hair and blue eyes and a delicious face. yes, delicious. I just felt like using that word. anyway, he smiled at me and seemed to look back at me a couple of times which was very exciting for boring old jennie. :)

now I'm usually terrified of looking at boys. like, if I like you, you'll know, because I won't make eye contact with you. I'm always so afraid they'll catch me looking at them (I still have yet to realize that that would be FINE because it would mean they were looking at me too!! seriously jennie, c'mon!) but this one time I decided I'd look back at him through the window when he left the store. I know that sounds like nothing but for me it is a big deal! I'm terrified, remember? so I just see what car he gets into, and I notice that it's a silver SUV type car and I especially noticed that his license plate said georgia. which is cool. because I am from alabama. :) (note: he actually got in the passenger side... so it may not have been his car.. okay crap it probably wasn't.. well... who cares! continuing on.)

so as usual, I think to myself, "hmm. well. I'll never see him again."

I leave the store.

I drive back to my apartment complex.

I pull into a spot.

I start walking to my door.

I see something familiar.




It's his car!!!!

(or his friend's...)

same car. same license plate. same red sticker on the back window that I can't remember what it was. in my. parking lot.

he (or his friend... dangit this reality is starting to depress me) totally lives in the riv!!!! or at least is visiting... or maybe his girlfriend lives...... aw crap.

well anyway. I was super excited about it. and still am. kind of. except not. because I know I'll probably never see him again. but still!!!! it is a happy thought. a random little thing that made my life exciting today. <3

so if anyone reading this happens to know the owner of said car.... (or his friend..).. I totally wouldn't mind being set up on a blind date. ;D

but seriously. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

this is probably really weird of me...

...but the lowe's commercials totally bug me!

you know, the ones where there's a young couple and a lowe's employee and they're acting like they're totally cool and chill and REAL.




hahaha. I know this is so dumb. but it totally bugs me! like, I don't even know why. it just does! faaaaake!

okay.. I'm done now..

Friday, March 4, 2011

the stars are aligning...

I know I haven't done one of these in forever... but trust me... they still happen ALL. the time.

so remember how I said that tonight I'm having a lord of the rings movie marathon with jordan?

when I logged onto facebook today, this was on my newsfeed:

I have never ever ever seen a LOTR post on my newsfeed. I didn't even know I was a fan of it on facebook! what are the odds??

facebook must know how excited I am!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

really? really??

it never ceases to amaze annoy me how when you're writing with a pen and it runs out of ink and you doodle on the side of the page to get it going again and then you bring it back to where you were writing it still won't work. but then you doodle on the side and it works. but when you bring it back to where you want it to work it doesn't. side of paper. works. where you want it. doesn't. I seriously just did that for so long that I became hot with anger. and then finally gave up.

It takes a lot for an event to actually get me mad to the point where I'm upset and that's all I can think about. however it takes .02 seconds for something to make me mad if it has to do with a gadget not working like it should. like my laptop and my cell phone. and the slow internet. and pens. I just cannot stand when things don't work like they're SUPPOSED to. I invested in _____ because of _____ and it won't even give me what I bought it for. garrr!

so then I had to blog about it of course. (and had to restart my computer again *surprise surprise!* just to do so because the screen just wouldn't show up like it's SUPPOSED to..)

ugh. now I sound like such an ungrateful girl. I at least have a laptop and a cell phone and internet and a pen.

stupid pen.

thoughts from today.

what are the chances that I would see a man without a right arm yesterday and a woman without a left forearm today, and both on campus?

in my ASL class today we had to sign what year we were born in.
holy cow.
I could not believe how many 1992's there were.
since when can a person who was born in '92 be in college????

it rained today. but really it sprinkled. but for utah it rained.

I miss insane alabama thunderstorms.

I get to watch american idol tonight because my paper is done! woo hoo!!

my marriage prep class is seriously so amazing. I wish I could tell you everything I've learned in there. but let me just say that if a class can convince me that soul mates DON'T exist.... it's a pretty amazing class.

... but I wish soulmates did exist.
I think for some they do.
but if we all think that they do for "some"... then we'll all think we're part of the "some."
and that's no good.
because that way we turn down lots of opportunities.

I'm going on a blind date this weekend!

tomorrow night I'm going to jordan's apartment to watch all 3 lord of the rings, because she HASN'T. SEEN. THEM! tragic. I know. I'm so excited to have a movie marathon and eat goodies!

if you haven't seen lord of the rings, I won't judge you. but they really are awesome movies!! you should probably go rent them.... right now.

I genuinely hope you're having a good day. :)

off to editing pictures and watching police women of *insert big city name here* until something more interesting comes on! (not that it's not interesting.. cuz it sure as heck is. but it's also depressing...and that is no bueno.)

ciao. <3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

be there any greater feeling...

...than finishing a paper?




okay except I might think so a little bit. because I'm honestly so drained that I can't even feel joy for being done. I keep having to remind myself that I'm actually done. and I can be happy now. but it's so fuzzy that I don't even remember finishing it. it was such a long drawn out process. but I'm like... done. right? cool! ... yeah?

I'll realize how awesome it is when I wake up tomorrow. :)
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