Thursday, January 31, 2013

In case you were wondering...

And I shall now tease you with the most magical picture of my life.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Off to Jordan...

For 4 days. :)
I can't believe I'm already going to another country... this makes 3! Haha.
I may or may not have internet connection so I'm just lettin y'all know.

A Fabulous Friday

Me and my roommates in class. :) Oh how we love having class 4 hours in a row... (Not.)

Assembling hygiene kits like I mentioned in this post. It was seriously SO fun! But our wrists hurt really bad after rolling up hundreds of towels haha.

Anne was having a really good time. :)

2100 kits baby!! Best feeling ever.

Walking to the Western Wall!! We weren't allowed to take pictures at the actual wall because they were welcoming in the Sabbath. But that's why it was so AWESOME because it was soo crowded with hundreds of Jews and they were all singing and partying. The women and men were divided, and the men were having more of a party while the women were more just singing hymns. It was really beautiful. And funny when some of our BYU guys joined in on the men's party. :P I kept getting that one song from Prince of Egypt stuck in my head haha.. that's what they sounded like!

About to watch Indiana Jones for our Friday Night Movie! Professor Stratford told us a bunch of cool behind-the-scenes facts. Most were hilarious. He's always rocking the bow-tie.


This was the first time a bunch of us went out of the Center just for FUN!
Ohhh how my soul needed this day.

First stop: Aladdin Money Exchange!

SADIIEEEEEE!!:) (No. This isn't Sadie. But it's people she knows. I freaked.)

Notes from previous BYU students. LOVE!

My first money exchange! The bills are so pretty here!

Then we went to Omar's. He's famous with BYU students for his original olive wood carvings. He is an amazing man with an amazing story. I can't wait to buy something from him! But I'm going to take a couple of months to think about it. ;)

He's met like 4 prophets! Lucky!

And he gave us free olive wood rings! :)
About to enter the Old City through Damascus Gate!

FOOD. We were starving. Anne is the best.

Shabbon's! :) I probably spelled that wrong. He's another popular guy with the BYU students. He makes Jerusalem scripture cases (already bought one!) and Jerusalem Center hoodies and shirts. :) We love him!

SAAAADDDIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In another shop I can't remember. I might have died. SADIE. THIS IS SO WEIRD!!!

Ibrahaim's shop! He made us all rings on the spot. :) Only 10 shekels and I've actually worn it every day since which is a big deal for me!

OUR RINGS! Mine's bottom right.
This was his idea. He is so precious. Haha.

Just having the time of my life. Nbd.

WE LOVE RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP BREAD!!! (And spices. We love spices.)

Pointing to our home. :)

Oh and we found heaven on the way.

Jerusalem Overlook Fieldtrip: Part 2

Overlooking the Benjamin Plateau. I can't remember its exact significance... but my field trip manual says this area was given to the tribe of Benjamin after the Israelite conquest of Canaan. Sweet. :)

Mosque-Synagogue of Nabi Samil. It's currently used by Muslims upstairs and Jews downstairs.. crazy! From this spot is where the crusaders first caught a glimpse of Jerusalem.

Some excavation they're doing... I only included it because one girl said it looked like something from Zelda and I wanted to see if my brothers agreed. Haha.

Next stop: Bethlehem. :) We sing a hymn at most of the places we go. Kiiiiiiind of awesome.

Me and the roommate Ashley. :) It is likely that the shepherds who heard of Christ's birth were in those fields below.

Ashley snuck this picture of me writing in my journal. And I shall love her forever for it.
The next stop was another Jerusalem overlook.. I don't remember where we were. But it's where I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD WHY I RECOGNIZED TYLER FROM DAY ONE!! Kid was in Vocal Point. (I hope you're reading this Katie!!!) Yeah. We were fan-girling pretty hard. Poor Tyler. :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jerusalem Overlook Fieldtrip: Part 1

The internet is being HOR.RI.BLE. so I'm just going to post what I have so far...

On this field trip we went to I think 5 different sites that overlooked Jerusalem as well as a couple of other places. (Like Bethlehem. Nbd.)

First stop: Augusta Victoria tower. This is looking southeast toward Jordan.

This is to demonstrate the INCREDIBLE zoom capabilities of my awesome little camera. The tower in the previous picture? Yeah. THIS IS THE SAME ONE. And a little man is ringing the bell! :) I know.. I know.. YOUR MIND IS BLOWN.

Downstairs in the church. So pretty.

Next stop: Seven Arches Hotel overlook

A Jewish cemetery right below! They're so HUGE and cool looking.

Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Haven't been.... but it looks awesome, and when we forget the name we call it the golden onion church. :)

Schade's class! There are 82 total in the program and we're divided into 2 classes that we go on our field trips with.

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