Wednesday, May 25, 2011

jennie's getting an iphone say whaaat?


last night I ordered an iphone.

a beautiful, white iphone.
the same night of my last post, lee and I were ooing and ahhing over the new white iphone. and I just brushed it off not thinking I could ever actually have one.

cuz, you know, those things are expensive. and really cool. and just one of those things that you never expect to have because you're not the kind of person that got $1,000 for graduation, y'know?

but then my dad e-mailed me yesterday and told me to pick a phone for my upgrade.

and I was like ........................................................ can I get an iphone?

and he was like ...................................................... sure.

and then I proceeded to be like, ................... are you joking me?

and he was like, negative. and I was like. woah. yeah. so.. okay. alright. YEAH!!

the sad thing is I'm not even that excited cuz of the apps or that it can hold music or anything. I'm honestly excited because it's white and beautiful. and has a touch screen that works. because my touch screen hasn't worked for at least a year. awesome.

white. :)

I'm not rascist, by the way.

so... like... in 1-2 days.. I'll have an iphone!! ..?! it doesn't feel real. I'll be in denial until I open that bad boy up! well.. girl. cuz she'll be a girl.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :))

Monday, May 9, 2011

quality time.

right now I'm sitting at the table with lee. we're both on our laptops and he's excitedly playing with his new ipod touch that he just opened. everyone's asleep except us and that is the way it always has been. we've always been so close and have shared special moments doing nothing but talking about everything.

he gets married this saturday. I'd be lying if I said I'm not a little sad. I'm so excited for him but I know things will never be exactly the same. we won't see each other very much and he'll of course have to focus his attention on his new life and family.

I'm going to miss him so much. I already do since I went to college, but even more so now.

it's funny how I'm writing this and yet he's sitting there and I'm acting all nonchalant about everything and maybe even like I don't care. I really need to stop being so guarded but I'm the kind of person that cries at everything so I have to be or I'll break down. I really want to laugh so hard at his dorky jokes and tell him how awesome I think he is but all I can do is smile and laugh a little and pretend every last moment we spend together isn't tugging at my heart strings.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog... I kind of hope he doesn't... haha

ohh the tears that will be shed at the wedding.

please don't take this in a creepy way, but lee is like the boyfriend I've never had. he cares so much about me and isn't afraid to say it/show it. if I'm being funny or whatever he'll just stare at me and smile and that says so much more than anything. I've never been that close with a guy and so it stinks giving up the one guy I was that close with to another girl. but carrie is great and I love her. it's just hard letting go. gah, I sound like a mom sending their kid to college. and now I'm starting to tear up. and that my friends is something you cannot hide behind a smile. must stop before he sees!

I just want to be selfish. and I will be, for 4 more days. <3

Sunday, May 8, 2011

let's blog, shall we?

so I'm back home in alabama!

it'll be nice to be back for 6 weeks. :) but I miss my roommates...I keep expecting them to walk in my room. it's weird going from living with all girls to living with none except your mom (but I love you mom!).

I cried too much today. we watched a national geographic special on the earthquake/tsunami in japan.

and then I went outside and saw the bloody bottom half of a tiny little bunny. I love my pets but sometimes I want to strangle them! .... lovingly.

yesterday my dad drove me around and showed me where the tornadoes hit near us. seriously 4 miles from my house. it's so scary. and so sad. I'm going to help clean up while I'm here.

I just can't handle sad stuff for too long or I go crazy! I'm so thankful for the things I believe in that give me comfort. I don't know how people without faith handle all this sadness.

well.. I'm going to finish this delicious bowl of mint choc. chip ice cream (w/ chocolate shell!) and then probably do some nice sunday reading. I don't necessarily think it's bad to watch tv on sunday but I got so used to not doing it in utah because my roommates and I would just hang out that I don't want to get back into the habit. I want to use my time more wisely and make the sabbath a special day where I study the gospel and can feel at peace rather than be distracted by the world.

so on that note... peace! <3
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